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2022 Peking University International Doctoral Student Forum

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(a)About the Forum and the Theme

The 4th Peking University International Doctoral Student Forum of Art Studies will be held at Peking University from 2nd to 4th September, 2022. This year’s theme is Artistic Reconstruction of Values We’d like to invite young scholars from all over the world to share their latest academic achievements and exchange thoughts and ideas in the four sub-forums of Art Theory, Art History, Film Studies and Cultural Industries.

The ourtbreak of coronovirus may be distrupting our work and life, but can’t stop us from thinking. In 2022, the rebound of the pandemic indicates that the global crisis of public health may worsen at any time. Meanwhile, the geopolitical conflict such as the Russo-Ukrainian War keeps escalating, and the world economy has encountered its most difficult moment since the new millennium. While we step into the "post-pandemic era", the collapse of the globalized world picks up pace. As we strive to find and rebuild lifestyles, the trend of the "metaverse" and debates on NFT Art prompt us to reflect carefully on the gloryfied technological future...  The values we once believed in and followed simplely cannot sustain us anymore. In such context, can art help us find a new anchor and starting point?

This year, the theme of the forum is "Artistic Reconstruction of Values". We encourage young scholars to confront such a critical time, to actively engage reality, and to reinterpret the value of art. Art, as a kind of spontaneous, non-linear, illogical and creative problem-solving competence solely owned by humanity, equals Science and Philosophy. Science explores and reveals the laws of the material world through empirical research. Philosophy deepens our comprehension of the world with concepts and logic. Art will certainly respond to the status-quo and the future problems with its distinctive history and power. Art will show its irreplaceable value in such a watershed crisis, and sustain our faith in rebuilding our lives and facing the future. We call on the young scholars to take on this responsibility, contributing to the most vivid thinking on the polarities of individual vs. world, tradition vs. innovation, crisis vs. opportunity, and present vs. future.

(b) Theme of the Sub-forums

Art Theory: Art and Media Philosophy

Art History: The Expansion and Transformation of Art History

Film Studies: The Artistic Tradition and Theoretical Resources of Chinese Film

Cultural Industries: Digital Cultural Creation and Creative Labor

(c) Time

Forum duration: 9/2/22-9/4/22



Opening Ceremony

9/2/22 9:00 - 12:00

Artistic Theories

9/2/22 13:30 - to  9/4/22 12:00

Art History

9/2/22 13:30 - to  9/4/22 12:00

Film studies

9/2/22 13:30 - to  9/4/22 12:00

Cultural Industries

9/2/22 13:30 - to  9/4/22 12:00

Closing Ceremony

9/4/22 13:30 - 17:00


(a) Resume and Abstract Submission (5/31/22-6/25/22)

1. Please read the requirements of each parallel session.

2. Please fill out personal information, academic history and paper abstract in Attachment: Registration Form for Peking University International Doctoral Student Forum of Art Studies.” Send the application form to pkuphdforum@163.com, with a subject of "chosen parallel session + applicants name." Please fill detailed contact information in the registration form.Our staff will contact you through email for notification or/and whenever is necessary. The forum gives preference to doctoral students under the age of 35.

3. Abstract requirements: limited to 500 Chinese characters or 300 words; Chinese or/and English; maximum 5 keywords, keywords separated by semicolons.

(Only one parallel session can be registered for the same applicant).

4. Each sub-forum will select 16-20 papers for selection, acceptance will be informed by email on 2nd July.

(b) Full text Submission (7/2/22-7/23/22)

1. Paper requirements : The full text must be written in Chinese or English, between 8000-12000 Chinese characters or 6000-8000 English words (Times New Roman) The content on the first page should include : article title (in Chinese and English); introduction of the author (not more than 300 Chinese characters or 200 words); Chinese and English abstract of the paper.

2. Full Paper Guidelines: Please see Attachment: Full Paper Template” and follow the guidelines. Please refer to the requirements of the Journal of Peking University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 北京大学学报(哲学社会科学版). Full papers that do not follow this format will be rejected.

Description of the forum

(a) Certification

After participating in the 2022 Peking University International Doctoral Student Forum of Art Studies, participant will receive an attending certification from Peking University. The forum will select outstanding papers, which will be collected in the forum proceedings and further recommended to other academic publications.

(b) Attendance Treatment

1、The accommodation and round-trip transportation costs sustained by the participants during the forum will be borne by the participants themselves. The organizing committee can assist guests to book rooms in hotels on campus. Please indicate in the registration form whether you need our assistance to book a room.

2、During the conference, in order to avoid a large concentration of people, the organizing committee will issue a certain amount of cafeteria dining cards for off-campus guests. Please go to the designated restaurant by yourself.

3、The organizing committee will choose no more than 6 excellent papers in each sub-forum, according to the quality of the full papers, and give the authors a subsidy of 500 RMB for attending the conference.

(c) the meeting format description

1、The forum is held in hybrid offline/online form, according to the policies related to epidemic prevention and control.

2. If the control of domestic COVID-19 presents no sudden high-risk situations, the authors could come to the forum for seminars in case the domestic manuscripts are approved.

3、Since the situation of international epidemics is complex and volatile, international manuscripts that have been approved by experts will generally be discussed in online format.

4. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the forum format will be adjusted according to the policies related to epidemic prevention and control, and the organizing committee will maintain close communication with all participants.

Attachments: (Application for 2022 Peking University International Doctoral Student Forum.docx)

Registration Form for Peking University International Doctoral Student Forum of Art Studies

Full Paper Template